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The butterfly effect

Small actions can lead to big results. See how even a small donation to The Rotary Foundation can change the world.
See it in action


With a simple donation


Your donation is matched by other donations, and a grant from The Rotary Foundation


Villagers use the grant money to build a well.


Bakers use water from the well to make bread and open a food stand.


Local artisans use water to make and sell pottery.


Kids no longer have to walk long distances to fetch water and can instead go to school


The stand feeds the community


The pottery business employs more people who can then take care of their families


They grow up to be doctors, teachers, and leaders

“Every dollar committed means that somewhere, someone will enjoy better health, or economic or educational opportunities that otherwise would not exist. Every dollar committed means that someone, somewhere, will live a better life. They will be able to read and write; or be able to draw clean water from a newly dug well, or have their disabilities lessened so they can earn a living and become self-sufficient. They can see their children immunized against life-threatening or crippling diseases.”
- Rajendra K. Saboo, speech to 1996 Asia Regional Conference, Bangkok, Thailand