“The Rotary Foundation is the most visible expression of Rotarian generosity – a generosity that not only brings benefits but also brings help and cooperation to solve the problems that affect mankind.”

– Paulo V. Costa, 1995-96 Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair in a speech to the 1996 convention

Behind every great foundation

During our centennial celebration, we are taking time to recognize some of the individual Rotary members who make The Rotary Foundation a force for good in the world.

Read about a few of these donors, who have given generously to advance the Foundation’s work of providing clean water, fighting disease, promoting peace, supporting education, saving mothers and children, growing local economies, and eradicating polio.

Terrence and Barbara Caster

“The Rotary Foundation is a valued partner in our family’s immediate and long-term philanthropy. For more than 100 years, Rotary has consistently provided good to the world – through access to health care, education, clean water, and hope to those in need.”

The Casters are pleased to work with Rotary to build communities from within, to support a more peaceful world.

  • Arch Klumph Society Foundation Circle, Bequest Society Level 2
  • Rotary Club of La Mesa, California, USA

Rafael "Raffy" M. Garcia III and Minda A. Garcia

“The Rotary Foundation’s centennial is a tremendous milestone and worth celebrating. By contributing to the Foundation as an ordinary Rotarian, I am able to participate in the good we are doing in the world in a way that I couldn’t hope to do on my own.”

  • Arch Klumph Society Chair’s Circle
  • RI Director-nominee
  • Rotary Club of Pasig, Rizal, Philippines

Carol Govers

“In my opinion, the most important aspect of Rotary is without a doubt the opportunities it offers members to serve and do good. Rotary and its Foundation are strong forces for good, and today’s world needs forces for good more than ever.”

  • Major Donor Level 4
  • District Governor, 2012-13
  • Rotary Club of Elst Over-Betuwe, Netherlands

William R. and Nancy J. Gray

“Our Rotary work in developing countries has enabled us to see the impact the Foundation’s programs have and to meet the people leading the efforts to create and build peace. That’s why we were pleased to establish a named endowed fund that supports the Rotary Peace Centers. It’s our way of saying thank you and honoring Rotary members and their families. The Rotary Foundation belongs to all of us. We have a joint opportunity and responsibility to make it strong.”

  • Arch Klumph Society Trustee Circle, Bequest Society Level 5
  • Endowment/major gifts adviser, 2013-15
  • Rotary Club of Cataraqui-Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Jason “Archi” and Betty Hsu

“Taiwan’s history shows us that peace does not come naturally or easily. It takes effort to create peace, and it takes effort to sustain peace. Experiencing war has led us to cherish the peaceful developments of today; it is why we support the Rotary Peace Centers.”

Archi believes the centers “will play an increasingly important role helping achieve a more peaceful world during our Foundation’s second century of doing good.”

  • Arch Klumph Society Foundation Circle
  • Rotary Peace Centers Major Gifts Initiative Committee, 2011-15
  • Rotary Club of Taoyuan, Taiwan

Somchai and Ann Kamolpanthip

“Rotary’s programs like PolioPlus serve the real needs of communities. I have had a few relatives who had polio. I have always been impressed with Rotary’s strong commitment and progress to eradicate polio.”

  • Arch Klumph Society Trustees Circle
  • Rotary Club of Photharam, Thailand

Emmanuel and Resty Katongole

“Growing up in an extremely underprivileged background, I was still able to attain an education, aided by good Samaritans, including Rotarians. Giving, however little, can touch a heart and permanently change a life. Resty and I are proud to give to the Foundation. For us, it is both paying back and forward for the favors humanity has offered us over the years.”

  • Arch Klumph Society Trustees Circle
  • Rotary Foundation Benefactors
  • Rotary Club of Muyenga, Uganda

Marilyn Masiero

“When I moved, I didn’t know anyone until I was invited to join a Rotary club. Then I knew I had found a new home. Rotary is nonpolitical and shows no bias to creed or religion. In this complex world, it is very nice to have a place where that is clearly understood — an oasis in the middle of turmoil.

“I support Rotary’s endowment because it is crucial that the Foundation’s programs continue well into the future and continue making the world a better place.”

  • Arch Klumph Society Trustee Circle
  • District governor, 2015-16
  • Rotary Club of Larchmont, New York, USA

Sir Emeka Offor

“We have been called to serve others and give our time and resources in order to alleviate human suffering. When I give to The Rotary Foundation, I know it’s supporting wonderful efforts like PolioPlus, which has helped to protect 2.5 billion children from the ravages of polio. As Rotarians, we cannot rest until the job is done.”

Sir Emeka’s generosity at Rotary reflects his commitment to child and maternal health, peace, and basic education and literacy. “Giving for the Foundation’s centennial year is my way of advancing Rotary’s work throughout the world.”

  • Arch Klumph Society Platinum Trustees Circle
  • Rotary polio ambassador
  • Rotary Club of Awka G.R.A., Anambra State, Nigeria

Frank H. and Judith H. Rothermel

“We are fortunate to be living during the best time in history. Polio is nearly eradicated; most of the world’s children have access to clean water, attend primary school, and have been vaccinated against measles; 80 percent of the world has electricity; and nearly half can access the internet. This progress is in part due to The Rotary Foundation’s participation in these areas. By giving to The Rotary Foundation, we’ll make even more possible.”

  • Arch Klumph Society Chair’s Circle
  • Endowment/major gifts adviser, 2013-17
  • Rotary Club of Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Carlos E. and Martha Sandoval Delgado

“When we contribute to the Annual Fund, we know it’s supporting efforts like global grants, which bring Rotary members in two or more countries together to work on sustainable projects. There is no other charity that can provide the same reliability, transparency, and scope of work.

“Through our contributions, Rotary changes lives in tangible and measurable ways. We are pleased to be making another significant gift to celebrate The Rotary Foundation’s centennial.”

  • Arch Klumph Society Chair’s Circle
  • Regional Rotary Foundation coordinator, 2016-17
  • Rotary Club of San Nicolás de los Garza, Nueva León, Mexico

Allen J. Sellers III and Ana V. Lara De Sellers

“On one of our club’s medical mission projects, I had the joy of watching as our team was able to save the lives of a young mother and her unborn child by detecting a potential separation of her placenta. This is just one of many moments that have provided me with immense satisfaction in Rotary, and one of the many reasons we support The Rotary Foundation as it celebrates 100 years of life-saving work.”

  • Arch Klumph Society Trustees Circle
  • District Governor, 2004-05
  • Rotary Club of Panamá Nordeste, Panama

Jafer and Banoo Sura

“I enjoy encouraging others to support our Foundation because we know where the money is going and how it is being used. My dream is to see a Rotary Peace Center in the Middle East one day. We need an army of peace fellows that can talk about and act for peace and conflict resolution in the region.”

  • Arch Klumph Society Trustees Circle
  • Rotary Club of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Oswaldo K. Takata

“When I was 17, my father became ill and I had to support my eight younger brothers. I know how difficult life can be for many. The world needs a serious and trustworthy organization that is able to help those in need.

“It’s an honor for my family and me to be able to support The Rotary Foundation, which has been changing lives all over the world for years. It has opened up a door to impactful giving that would not be possible otherwise, and made me realize that together, we are stronger.”

  • Arch Klumph Society Chair’s Circle
  • Rotary Club of São Paulo-Sudeste, Brazil

Ravi and Rajyalakshmi Vadlamani

“In our journey with Rotary during the past three decades, we’ve witnessed up close the magic that is possible through the Foundation. We’ve led or hosted more than 20 groups of professionals who’ve traveled abroad to learn or teach about their vocation.

“Witnessing the power of The Rotary Foundation to build international relationships led us to create named endowment funds to support and strengthen it in perpetuity.”

  • Arch Klumph Society Trustee Circle
  • Endowment/major gifts adviser, 2013-16
  • Rotary Club of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India